The world from the bird's-eye view

Welcome to the official site of a panoramic maps artist Ruben Atayan. Take a tour of more than 100 exclusive artworks.

Art of ancient mastersArt of ancient masters

Art of ancient masters

Ruben Atayan — a cartographer, painter, miniaturist, PhD in technology who dedicated life for the creation of extraordinary panoramic maps.

For years Ruben Atayan explored cartography, history, and culture looking for a fusion between science and art. This research led him to a turning point in his life — at the age of 35 Dr. Ruben Atayan created his first cartography-based artwork and for more than 3 decades continues to draw patiently small roads for us to travel around the world.

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Unique style laid on the cartography base

The artist works in original engineering techniques from the XVII century: manually, ink and watercolor. The special attention is given to general decoration of panoramas, where elements are stylised to antique maps.

Unrepeatable style makes Atayan Ruben one of a kind. In the collection of the artist there are more than 100 hand drawn artworks in a scales 1:0 – 1:600,000

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Unique style laid on the cartography base

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Atayan Ruben is the author of more than 100 cartographic maps including Venice, Berlin, Zurich, Moscow, Yerevan and many others. His maps were twice recognized as the best ones at the International Cartographic Association conferences.